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Dateline, Earth, Year 17 of the Third Millennium

Technology is running amok on this planet. The internet is on the verge of collapse, as is the world's economy, politics, energy and food supply. And no one seems to care. You'd think this wave of global communications, technology and cooperation would be ushering in a new era of peace and paradise, but you'd be wrong.

All the world's problems have been solved a thousand times over on the internet, but instead of solving anything, the internet has turned into a colossal sand pit where people everywhere bury their heads from the world's problems, spending more time playing games and surfing for porn than solving problems. People these days are more aware than ever of the long list of global disasters facing the planet, but collectively they're doing as little as ever about it. We talk a good story, but the long slog of social apathy goes on and on.

This isn't a daily blog of my life. These are long winded essays about technology problems, half-baked theories, social commentary, and stories of my world travels. I don't hang out on the social networking sites, I don't follow other peoples blogs and I don't care if anyone follows this one.   These stories are listed with the most recent post at top.

Cleveland Browns
(Feb 2018)   Everyone in Ohio has plenty of suggestions on how they'd fix the Browns, and I'd like to present my plan, which addresses the underlying cause of that trend.

Health Care
(Jan 2018)   Democrat congressmen are looking for suggestions on healthcare. So a few years back I came up a simple plan that was a big improvement, and I pass the idea along in this essay.

Pluto's Scar
(Dec 2017)   When the New Horizon probe passed by Pluto, that heart shaped area seemed interesting to me. To me it looks a whole lot like a scar from a glancing blow, and Charon is looking mighty suspicious.

The Trump Economy ?
(Dec 2017)   I was tired of hearing about Trump's booming economy. The fact is, this current economic boom has nothing to do with Trump.  I present the evidence.

Amplified Antennas for HDTV
(Jun 2017)   My sister was getting bad reception on her TV and asked if one of those amplified antennas would work any better. This is what I told her.

God's Test for America
(Dec 2016)   I sent this essay about Donald Trump to the New York Times right after the election, but they didn't post it. I wanted to explain the outcome of the election from a wildly different perspective as other essays. This story is way out there, but I'm reposting it for your reading pleasure anyhow.

The Birth of Trump
(March 2016)   The cartoonish momentum of the Donald Trump movement seems to have caught everyone flat-footed. How could the voting public be so enamoured by such hot air, we all ask each other. In this essay, I'll tell you how.

Expansion of Universe Theory
(June 2015)   Astronomers seem to think the expansion of the universe is accelerating, but I have a different theory. I came up with a way to explain the acceleration without using exotic forms of matter or a privleged location in space.

Artificial Gravity Propulsion
(May 2015)   Artificial gravity propulsion does not violate the laws of thermodynamics, it only appears that way because the source of the energy is unknown.

The Superbowl Miracle
(Feb 2015)   I'm tired of hearing the Seattle Seahawks fans complain about the worst play call in the history of football. The Seahawks weren't robbed, the Patriots weren't lucky, and that was not the worst play call in history or even in that game.

A Comparison of HTML Get and Post
(Sept 2014)   A common question in web forums is: what is the difference between using Get or Post in a web form. I clarify the situation in this essay, and describe the real differences and reasoning for using one or the other.

The Problem with Sales Taxes on the Internet
(June 2012)   I used to sell software on my web site and paying sales tax is not a problem, but trying to determine the taxing district of my invisible customer is a show-stopper.

Fixed Point Line Algorithm
(June 1999)   Most programmers use Bresenham's Algorithm to draw lines on the screen, but a decade ago I came up with a new technique that is simpler and faster. I describe the algorithm here for any interested programmers.

Letter to Earth Magazine, Downgrading Pluto
(Sept 2010)   Children the world over freaked out when Pluto was downgraded to a minor planet. I say the astronomers were right, and Earth Magazine printed my letter explaining why, in Sept 2010.