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  Photo Music             Product Overview             Download

Drop a photo into this program and it will play music by scanning the individual pixels like a record player.
Configure the characteristics of up to nine instruments while the music is playing for immediate feedback.
The instructions below are taken directly from the program's help file.

Drop a photo into the photo window. The photo will be resized to a max of 450 in either dimension. Photos with a good mix of bright, dark and colors will provide the best variety.

The Main Tab will set over all parameters and has the file and play buttons.
The Instrument Tab sets the parameters for each of the instruments.

Main Tab:

Use the Musical Tempo to adjust the speed that the music will play. Most songs will be between 60 and 90 beats per minute. 70 is the default.
This program uses 8/4 time, which means 8 beats to the measure and the 1/4 note is one beat. 1/16 is the fastest note this will play.

Use the Musical Key to set the key signature of the music. Key of C is the default. Each key will use 8 of the 12 notes in an octave. NoKey will use all 12 notes.
AutoKey will change the key as the music plays: Red areas will change to G key, green will change to A key, blue will change to E key, gray tones will change to C key. The key is shown at right.

Load Dialog and Save Dialog will popup a box where you can enter the name of a configuration file to load or save.

Show Picture will display the photo, in case you closed that window.

Help will popup this help info.


Play All will play music using all instruments that you have configured.

Start Over will restart the scanner at the top left of the photo.

Stop Playing will stop the music. To restart at the same location, click the Play All button.

As the music is playing, the pixels in the photo are changed to black as those pixels are scanned.

Instrument Tab:

This program uses standard MIDI functions and instruments. This tab will display one instrument at a time. All parameters on this tab can be adjusted while the music is playing, to provide immediate feedback.

Select the channel number to display from the drop-down list at top. Channel 9 is the drum channel. Each instrument will have its own set of music parameters that will be set on this screen.

Check the Include box to include this instrument when the Play All button is clicked.

Click the Play button to play just this instrument.
Click the Stop button to stop this or all channels.

Select an instrument from the listing at right, or enter the instrument number in the edit box in center.

The photo is scanned from left to right then top to bottom, and the pixel brightness, color and change-rate will determine the notes to be played.

Use the Octave up/downs to set the minimum and maximum octave for this instrument. The pitch of the note follows the brightness of the pixels. Minimum octave is "A", 4 octave below middle. Maximum octave is "G", 4 octave above middle. If min and max are set at mid, then the lowest note is middle "A" and hightest note is middle "G".

Use the Duration up/downs to set the minimum and maximum note duration for this instrument. The duration of the note follows the rate-of-change of the pixels. These notes are available: 1/16 1/8 1/8+ 1/4 1/4+ 1/2 1/2+ Whole Whole+ 2Whole.

Use the Volume up/downs to set the minimum and maximum volume for this instrument. The volume of the note follows the pixel color. The volume is set in percent, then set the color for the volume to follow. The "ON" value will cause this instrument to run at the max value. The "Gray" value will follow the brightness without regard to color. The listed colors refer to saturation, not brightness of the colors.

The Harmony checkbox will cause an instrument to play two notes at once. It only works for channels 1-6.

Channel 9 is the drums. When channel 9 is selected the instrument listing is replaced with a drum listing, and the octave up/downs are disabled. 60 drums are shown but this can only play one at a time. Drums can play 1/32 notes.