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  About Ghost Town Software
Ghost Town Software started out in Colorado Springs in the 1990's, where I created the Pikes Peak Trailguide CD-ROM.   This cutting edge software combined multi-layered topographic maps with popup photos and trail reports into a handy reference for hikers and bikers.   Finding supplies in those early days was difficult, like living in a Ghost Town, hence the name.   The Easter Island Maoi represent the most mysterious of ghost towns, and has featured prominently right from the start.

The topo software was very popular with the users, but low sales forced me to get a real job, which landed me in Vancouver Washington as a manufacturing engineer.   This turned into extended trips to China to setup production lines and then two years in Long Beach and also Malaysia and Hawaii.   All these travels made great material for the Pacific Coast Drifter web site, which is now a back page to the Ghost Town web site.   The picture at right shows me and my production line in Qiaotao China.

In 2012 I returned to Ohio where I grew up.   Ghost Town Software is now working on a variety of factory floor projects that I started developing as a manufacturing engineer.
- - - Mike Henry, Vancouver WA - - -

  Where were the Moai pictures taken?
  Home page - Brother Ray walks the mining district above Silverton Colorado.
  About - A reversed image of Pikes Peak back side.
  Video Timer - The spectacular waterfalls on the Lewis River.
  Android Timer - A farmer walks his field in Yangshou China.
  PLC Simulator - The scenic swimming hole at Moulton Falls WA.
  Photo Music - Upper Palmer Lake CO.
  Alien Scout - Jesse has a sneaky feeling she's being watched.
  Alien Vision - Contemplating the view at Malibu Beach CA.