The Trip to China 2007

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I spent July 2007 in Dongguan China on a business trip. This six week trip included plenty of travel to some of the more exciting sights of southern China. Dongguan is about 100 miles north of Hong Kong and 50 miles east of Guangzhou, the regional mega-city. We've got stories and pictures of local parks, temples, and scenic coasts, plus Guilin mountains, and Hong Kong.

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The Long Trip: Portland, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Changping
15 hours in a plane, 14 over the Pacific, but sights to see between flights.

Day 1 in Hong Kong
Kowloon, Ocean Park, The Peak, in exciting Hong Kong.
    More pictures of Hong Kong

Day 2 in Hong Kong
Lamma Island, The Giant Birdcage, in exciting Hong Kong.
    More pictures of Lamma & the big bird cage

Weekend 2 in Hong Kong  
Kowloon, Hong Kong Parks, Repulse Bay Beach, in exciting Hong Kong.
    More pictures of Hong Kong

Weekend 3 in Hong Kong  
My Third Weekend in Hong Kong, with pictures of The Peak, the big bird cage, and swimming the scenic beach at Lamma Island.
    More pictures of Week Three

Our life in Changping
Our swanky hotel and not-so-swanky Dongguan.
    More pictures of Changping

The insane traffic of Changping
Driving on the wrong side, running red lights, chronic horn honking - It'll drive you mad.
    More pictures of crazy traffic

The famous mountains of Guilin China (day 1)
Hiking the scenic limestone towers and boating the Li River of Guilin.
    More pictures of Guilin

The famous mountains of Yangshou China (day 2)  
Biking and rafting the Yu Long river and among the huge limestone towers of Yangshou.
    More pictures of Yangshou

A day in Guangzhou  
This regional megacity has a few attractions on this one day trip.
    More pictures of Guangzhou

Exploring Changping and Qiaotou  
A couple of parks in otherwise bland Changping (where the hotel is) and Qiaotou (where the plant is).
    More pictures of Changping and Qiaotou

Examples of Doctored Pictures  
These China pages include a handful of doctored pictures and this page shows before and after of the seven most modified pictures.

English-Chinese Translations
Common English phrases and the Chinese pronounciation.

The State of Chinese Society
A synopsis of Chinese Society for the traveler, paraphrased from the US State Department web site and my own travels.

China Map    
South and East China.
Guangzhou is called Canton by westerners.
Click map to see a larger maps of the country.
Guangdong Map
Closeup of Guangzhou, Dongguan, Hong Kong region.
This is the Pearl River Delta, in Guangdong Province.

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