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Pacific Coast Drifters Maps and Information

These web sites (mostly government) have a good selection of maps and information on
Portland, the Columbia River, The Gorge, and Pacific Northwest travel, that you can download for free.


Has an assortment of Portland maps for planning your trip.

Has a big list of all kinds of Oregon maps available for direct download.

Has a big list of all kinds of Oregon maps available for direct download.

Has a good list of Washington maps, some are free, some are for sale.

Has a bunch of environmental maps of the Pacific Northwest (Region 10).
Half way down is link to the Columbia River section.

This is the Columbia River web page for the US Forest Service.
It has all kinds of maps, info, activities and other publications on the region.
Including this PDF map.

Has maps and information about the Columbia River Highway
Including this PDF map.

This PDF is a booklet about bicycling through the Columbia River Gorge.
It's on the web site for the Skamania Lodge in Hood River.

Google maps cover the world, and you can zoom in anywhere, as close as you want.
These are real hit-or-miss, and big chunks of Portland are missing.

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