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On this day I took a walking tour around Changping (where the hotel is) with Dixson. There's not much to see, but the riverfront park was kind of scenic, even though the river was black with muck.

On one of my last days there, Yuling took me on a tour of Qiautao (chow-tau, where the plant is). It was surprisingly scenic, with several parks, pagodas and a lotus pond.

This sizable park was a 5 mile bus ride south of the plant and featured a big pagoda on a big hilltop.

This big lotus pond was at the base of the hilltop park shown above. It was a long walk around it, but had intersting sights the whole way.

Dongguan China 2007       A hiking tour of the local towns Changping and Qiautao where the hotel and plant are.
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