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About Pacific Coast Drifter

Pacific Coast Drifter used to be Pacific Coast Traveler and before that Ghost Town Software. After spending twenty years in Colorado, I moved to Portland in 2004, and immediatly started exploring the Pacific Northwest area. There's plenty to see in mountains, rivers and coast of this region, and I sometimes head overseas to explore other fun locations around the Pacific Basin. These pages are loaded with photos and stories about my travels around this part of the world.

P.C.D. is really only one person - Mike Henry. After growing up in Cleveland and doing a stint in the Air Force, I spent twenty years in Colorado Springs where I explored much of the mountains and forest on bike and on foot, and put that experience into the Ghost Town Software topo map and guidebook product and launched the G.T.S. web site in 2001.
P C T is different, instead of mapping software it's just a web travel magazine. I'm hoping to post several trips each year - one or two of the Pacific Northwest, and at least one oversees trip.

This travel log is layed out in a simple magazine format where each destination is one issue with several pages of photos or stories. Pictures on the main pages are miniatures, just click to get the larger versions.
The design goals of this web site are:
  • A simple page layout that is good looking and easy to figure out.
  • Lots of high quality photos with captions and stories about the locations.
  • All links are obvious so you can get from any page to any other in three clicks or less.
  • No Flash, cookies, or popups, and minimal scripts.

    Me and Rick on Victoria Peak in Hong Kong, August 2007.

    My production line in Qiaotou China, half way between Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

    Copyright Rules

    Unlike most web sites, we encourage people to use our photos. But here are a few rules:
  • Personal Use : User's are free to copy the trail reports and photos for personal use - like for wallpaper or a screen saver.
  • Publications : If any content from this site is used in any kind of publication then it must be identified as "Courtesy www.GhostTownSoftware.com" or "www.PacificCoastDrifter.com"
  • Commercial Products : Authors must have written permission to use any of the content from this site in a book or software.
  • Web Sites : If any content from this site is used on another web site then it must be identified as "Courtesy www.GhostTownSoftware.com" or "www.PacificCoastDrifter.com" and a link to www.PacificCoastDrifter.Com must be provided.
  • Web Links : Other web sites are free to provide a link to this site or to any page on this web site.

    If in doubt, just ask :     Send E-Mail to Pacific Coast Drifter

    PCD History

  • June 2006 - Changed GhostTownSoftware.com to PacificCoastTravels.com.
  • Aug 2006 - Changed formatting to PHP.
  • Feb 2007 - Added spam filter to feedback form.
  • Sept 2007 - Finished first China section (20 pages, 12 stories, 450 photos).
  • March 2008 - Second China section (5 pages, 100 photos).
  • April 2008 - New color scheme & graphic linkbar.
  • May 2008 - Colorado photos from my GTS Trailguide (4 pages, 100 photos).
  • Nov 2008 - Lost Pacific Coast Travels domain name in web host snafu.
  • Feb 2009 - Registered Pacific Coast Drifter and new color scheme.
  • Nov 2009 - Big pictures pop up on same page, another new color scheme, removed PHP.

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