It's not hard to find people anywhere in the world who speak English, but it sure helps if you can speak a few words of the local language. Here are some common phrases in English and Chinese that should get you going. The Chinese spelling is English phonetic as accurate as I could get it.

Hello - nee how
How are you - nee how mah
Good morning - nee tsao
Good morning - zow shung how
Good afternoon - she ah woo how

Good by - zie jeen
See you tomorrow - ming tein jein
Take care - Man zow
Good night - Wan ann

Yes - yow
Yes - shr
No - boo (boo shr)
Correct - dway
Not Correct - boo dway

Thank you - shay shay (shay shay nee)
You're welcome - boo shay (boo yong shay)
Excuse me - boo how ee tsa
I'm sorry - dwee boo chee
It is no problem - may wen tee
Please excuse me - wo guy zoe lah

I am glad to meet you - jeen dow nee wo hun gow sheng
Nice to meet you - ren shee neen hun gow sheng
What is your name - nee jhow shen me ming tzah
My name is Caya - wo jhow caya

Basic Phrases:
Where is the rest room - sah zwa zie nar

Car - chee cha
Bus - gong gong chee cha
Bicycle - tsu shing cha
Plane - fay chee
Airport - jee chang

Hotel - fan dian
Hotel - joe dian
Hotel - bin guan

Rice - mee fahn
Fried rice - chow fahn
Noodles - meein teeow
Ice cream - bing jee ling

0 leeng   1 ee   2 are   3 sun   4 tsuh   5 woh
6 leeoh   7 chee   8 bah   9 geo   10 shuh
10 shuh   11 shuh ee   12 shuh are   13 shuh sun
20 are shuh   21 are shuh ee
100 ee bie   1000 ee cheein

Father - foo cheen
Mother - moo cheen
Son - are tzah
Old Bro - gah gah
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