The June 2008 issue of Scientific American has a good story about how people everywhere are doctoring photos, sometimes for immoral gains. A handfull of photos from this site have been adjusted in a minor way, and for those of you who are worried about this sort of thing, I've included before and after shots of the seven most doctored photos from the China section of this site.

There are two kinds of adjustments that can be made: adding things to the photo and removing things. All of my adjustments were to remove distracting items, and don't change the scene in any real way. The seven biggest changes are shown below, out of 18 total that were modified (excluding panoramas). The original picture is on the left, the modified one is on the right.

The first four were fairly easy. The last three were very hard to do: Two because there wasn't enough good material to cover the bad material, which takes a lot of small cloning, and the last one combined two pictures and was a tight complex scene.
Dongguan China 2007       Seven doctored photos from these pages.
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