Portland Area Parks 2008

The big bridge over the Columbia River at Astoria

I'm embarassed at how far behind I am in posting photos to this web site. Most of these pictures are from 2006, and a few from 2007 and 2008. It just takes too long to select and edit a group of photos, so I've been putting it off for way too long. But anyhow, this group is a selection of parks, hikes and bike rides from around the Portland/Vancouver area that I visited in the last two years. Some of these are additional pictures from places I've already posted to this site, but hopefully these pictures are new material or better looking.
Vancouver Lake Park
North of Portland is the huge Vancouver Lake Park, which includes a nice manicured park next to the lake, another one next to the river, and a swampy wildlife refuge in between.

Salmon Creek Park
This park on the north end of Vancouver (washington) follows Salmon Creek for three miles.

Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge
A little farther north, the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge miles of swamps and a couple of hiking trails.

Round Lake in snow
East of Vancouver is scenic Round Lake Park, and it's network of trails are even more fun in snow.

Parks near Troutdale
A bike ride through Marine Drive, Chinook Landing, Blue Lake is loaded with scenery.

Portland's Japanese Garden
This small park is possibly the most scenic in Portland.

Astoria Oregon
At the mouth of the Columbia, Astoria is a fun town with loads of stuff to do.

Area Map
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