The Second Trip to China 2007

Shanghai China In October I made a second 6-week business trip to Dongguan China.   This time I mostly explored Shenzhen and Dongguan City, but I also made quick trips to Shanghai and Thailand.   Dongguan is about 100 miles north of Hong Kong and 70 miles east of Guangzhou, the regional mega-city.   Parks and temples are common throughout China, and we found several huge ones in Guangzhou and Dongguan, not to mention an aircraft carrier in Shenzhen!   Shanghai is a gigantic city that sprawls on forever but the spectacular riverfront is incredible.   Check the previous China section on this web site for maps, english-chinese translations and the state department report.
Complete Table of Contents:

Visiting the Soviet aircraft carrier in Shenzhen
Who knows what it's doing in China, but we were crawling all over it.

The Parks of Guangzhou and Dongguan
Parks are everywhere and these cities have several big ones that are worth exploring.

Shanghai and Sha Tin
Gigantic Shanghai is an exciting place, but Sha Tin is a pretty little town in Hong Kong.

Railay Beach Thailand
Railay is a spectacular Beach near Krabi on Thailand's southern peninsula.

China Map    
South and East China.
Guangzhou is called Canton by westerners.
Click map to see a larger maps of the country.
Guangdong Map
Closeup of Guangzhou, Dongguan, Hong Kong region.
This is the Pearl River Delta, in Guangdong Province.

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