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  Products Overview
  The Factory Tools by Ghost Town Software are an assortment of products that can save your workplace time and money.
  These free downloads come with no guarantee, no waranty, no support.

My latest book. A hands-on guide to running a production line, or any other business.   I used to be a manufacturing engineer and everywhere I worked I saw people doing dumb things.   They'd talk about communication, maximizing people, and process improvements, but time and again they'd fail to deliver.   So over the years, I saved up a lot of notes and stories about good ideas and bad implementation, until I had enough to tell a good story.   There is nothing revolutionary here, just a light hearted look at theory and anecdotes about running a production a little more efficiently.

For those of you who need to extract the X & Y data from a chart in a document, the Chart Digitizer is a simple tool that will quickly get it done.

Just drop in a jpg of the chart, set the scales and then click each point on the graph. Coordinates of each point (in the chart's scale) are logged to a note pad, where they can be copied and pasted to a spreadsheet or editor.

This editor organizes a book or report into chapters and topics. The sections of the document will be displayed as if they are separate documents, jump between sections by clicking section titles in the list. Simple editing functions, including search, dual screen, encription.
Great for a variety of multi-level documents:
* A book organized by chapters.
* A diary with a new page every day.
* Notes on co-workers for the annual peer-review.
* MS Windows only.

This program allows the user to easily time repetitive events in a video.
Create a list of events, then while viewing a video of your production line or other events, simply click the event name as the event appears in the video.
Time stamps are logged automatically. Also time external events without a video.
Analyze the timestamps by viewing delta tables, charts and summary of the data.
Great for a variety of tasks:
* Gathering time and quantity info for a Kaizen event.
* Timing steps on your production line.
* Timing a group of kids in gym class.
* MS Windows only.

Pop in a photo and this will play music
based on the image characteristics.
* Highly configurable and a lot of fun.
* Background music for the PLC Simulator.
* Select up to 8 channels and drums.
* Select from a list of 128 instruments.
* Set a tempo and key signature.
* Set pitch and duration range for each note.
* For Windows only.

A generic PLC simulation of medium complexity.
* Contacts, coils, timers, math and boolean.
* Ladder logic and timers execute in real time.
* Great for PLC and ladder logic training.
* Simulate a circuit before executing live.
* Includes ladder, memory & PLC editors.
* PLC automatically adds switches & lamps as needed.
* All components can be used on contact or coil side of ladder.
* For Windows only.

Time a whole series of events with a single person, instead of a team with stopwatches.   Whether you need to optimize your production line or your obstacle course, this makes it easy to time a sequence of events on the factory floor and beyond.
Simply enter your list of events into the app, then each time the event happens, tap the name on the screen and time stamp will be logged. Includes charts and delta-time tables. Output is plain text for input into a spreadsheet.
Great for a variety of tasks:
* Gathering time and quantity info for a Kaizen event.
* Timing steps on your production line.
* Counting vehicle types on a highway.
* Timing a group of kids in gym class.

    Books and Blogs

Viewing this planet as an outsider, I have the solutions to all your problems. Some of my more interesting stories are included here.
* Fixed Point Line Algorithm
* Expansion of Universe
* Sales Taxes on the Internet
* Malay Travel story
* Earth Magazine, Downgrade Pluto

Photos and stories of my travels in
California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado,
Hawaii, Malaysia, and China.
Hundreds and hundreds of great photos
and a few dozen good stories.