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If you're planning your next hike and bike vacation or just want a new place to hike this weekend you came to the right place. Click the links above for a wide variety of hiking and biking adventures, and enough major attractions to plan a whole vacation, in the mountains, forest, lakes and canyons of the Pikes Peak region.

There's something for everyone in the Pikes Peak Region: Hike a high mountain lake with Pikes Peak towering overhead, bike along the Platte River through a rugged canyon, ride through old railroad tunnels and historic Cripple Creek. Take a train or car to the top of Pikes Peak, visit Garden of the Gods, the Royal Gorge, Seven Falls and the Air Force Academy. The links above have pages of photos and info about all these activities.

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Mike's Travel Guide
When I get tired of exploring the Pikes Peak region, I go to other cool locations for a vacation. These pages are loaded with photos and stories about my travels around the world.

Waterfall near Hana Maui
Colorado 2001
In 2001 I was in Ouray and Silverton with my brother. This region of western Colorado is one of the most spectacular in the state, with towering mountains, forest and waterfalls. For the outdoors type, there's plenty to do : hiking, biking, jeeping, splashing in hot springs, visiting historic towns and mining districts. Each of the following pages shows photos of each day.

Maui, Hawaii 2002
In 2002 I went to Maui, Hawaii. I was only there a week, but as soon as I got there I realized that there's way too much to do there in one week. I stayed in Kihei (Key Hay) - a good central location that's close to plenty of stores and restaurants, and plenty of great beaches. Each of the following pages shows photos of each day.

Malaysia 2000
In 2000 I made a business trip to Penang Malaysia, an island off Malaysia's northwest coast. Malaysia is a modern country with a decient standard of living and friendly people, plus it has good tourist infrastructure, including good roads, services, food, low cost, and low crime. Though I didn't get to the mainland, there was plenty to see and do on Penang Island. The follwing pages show some of the photos that I took during the week I was there.

Malaysia 2002
In September 2002 I made a second trip to Penang Malaysia to visit friends. Chad and I just got layed off, so he was in Malaysia for two months to visit Yen. I made a two week trip to visit them both. These are pictures from the vacation, including sightseeing in Hong Kong, sightseeing in Penang, and jungle treking in Taman Negara National Park.

Portland 2003
In September 2003 I made a trip to Portland to visit Chand and Yen, the same two that I was visiting in Malaysia last year. There's loads to see in the area, particularly along the Columbia River. This is a handfull of the pictures I shot, including Beacon Rock, Gorge Waterfalls, and downtown Portland.

Portland 2004
In June 2004 I moved to Vancouver Washington, across the river from Portland. This page includes pictures of Columbia River waterfalls, Vancouver Lake Wildlife area, and a big park north of Vancouver. In September 2004 I made a trip to the Oregon coast. There's a load to see on a drive down the coast, including beaches, cliffs and forest.

The photos, maps and trail reports on the Pikes Peak Web Guide are a small sample from - The Front Range on CD-ROM - available throughout the region and from this web site.
New for 2003 is a 24 page map book with the Trailguide CD included inside! This 8 1/2 X 11 inch book has two dozen high resolution maps of the most popular areas in the Pikes Peak region.
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