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Ghost Town Software isn't about ghost towns. It was first formed in Glenwood Springs, where finding computer supplies was like living in a ghost town. The name stuck and we're now in Colorado Springs, where there are more services and a market, but I'll keep the catchy name anyhow.

G T S is really only one person. Mike Henry has been living in Colorado Springs for a dozen years and has explored much of the mountains and forest on bike and on foot. At first, the Pikes Peak Trail Guide CD contained his own trail reports, and a little later the content of Zoltan's venerable guidebooks were added to make the package more competitive against the sudden glut of mapping software.


The software, photography and Web site are Mike's, but helpful friends and reletives pitched in along the way :
Sister Linda did a lot of work editing the maps.
Niece Rebecca stuffed hundreds of boxes.
Zoltan Malocsay provided unlimited access to his books and support.
Dave Decker compiled all of the elevation contour maps.
Virgil Nehalic put nearly all of the place names on the maps.
Dave Price wrote the basic UTM calculations.
Jim Zosinko, Steve Reiter and everyone else at the USGS in Denver offered loads of help sorting through the huge array of maps and data.

The maps were bought in digital format from the USGS and converted to the more useful format on the CD-ROM. The USGS sells its map data to anyone who wants it, which is why there are tons of mapping software on the shelves - everyone packages the same old data in a varitey of unique ways. Our claim-to-fame is we overlay the maps with trail reports and photos, something no one else is doing yet in this region, or anywhere else that we know of.

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