Cascade Waterfalls 2006

Latrelle Falls
The Columbia River region has a huge assortment of waterfalls, and these are some of the more exciting ones. Some are super scenic, some are popular hikes, and some are good for throwing yourself off of.

The silky base of Latrelle Falls

Diving off Lewis River Falls
Not only is this one of the more spectacular falls in the region, but a steady stream of daredevils were throwing themselves off the top!

Big Falls, next to Lewis River Falls
Taller and not as scenic as Lewis River Falls, but it's a nice hike to get there.

Rodney Falls, next to Beacon Rock
This unusual falls is stuck a narrow hollow of the rock face, but is very scenic if you can get to it.

Moulton Falls, near Battleground
This pretty series of cascades is a very popular, but the real action is the big pool above the falls.

More Pictures of Oneota Falls and Gorge
It's not hard to spend a day shooting pictures in this spectacular gorge.

Eutola Trail and Falls, just past Oneota
This pretty trail ends at a surprisingly scenic falls.

Latourell Falls, just before Oneota
This looks a lot like Eutola, but without the long hike.

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