Oneota is just past Multnomah Falls on the Old River Highway, but access is a lot harder. The entrance is blocked by a big log jam and the narrow slot is blocked by deep water. But it's worth the effort, as witnessed by the big crowds that find their way back. I'd been having problems setting the contrast on my camera, but by this time I had it figured out and suddenly the pictures were coming out beautiful. This page is a substantial improvement over the previous pages.

It's a half mile hike through water to get to this pool, but that didn't stop two dozen people from making it. The pool was loaded with people so instead of shooting waterfall pictures I had to shoot people pictures - picking and choosing the shots between groups as best as I could.

Waterfalls 2006       It's easy to spend a day exploring this Oneonta Gorge, with log jams, wading pools and one of the more interesting falls in the area.
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