This is the Lower Lewis River Falls, which includes a parking, picnic and camping areas. It's just past Swift Reservoir on Forest Road 90. I set up my camera on an overlook near the parking lot and shot full sequences of each person going over at four frames per second, then combined them together in the photo editor the next day. The launch point is about 40 feet, but nearly a dozen went over in the hour I was there, including two from the higher bluff at the left.

Even without the jumpers this is a spectucular falls - dozens of smaller falls overlapping to form a beautiful web of water. My camera was having problems with the high contrast between the white water and dark trees, so these were heavily edited after the fact, which left the coloring a little bland.

Waterfalls 2006       Spectacular Lewis River Falls, with a steady stream of daredevils throwing themselves off the top!
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