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Portland Oregon Travels 2005

The Latrelle Trail
This assortment of 2005 hikes includes

Trails above Latrelle and Oneota falls.
Scenic Eagle Creek to Punchbowl Falls.
Story and photos of a hike into Oneota Gorge.
Lewis River Park, north of Vancouver WA.
And a tour of the Columbia River waterfalls.

Fern and moss covered tree stump
along the Latrelle Trail
Three Hikes in the Gorge
The Columbia River Gorge is loaded with waterfalls, including several hidden ones if you're willing to hike a few miles above the road. These photos include hiking above Latrelle and Oneota Falls, and up Eagle Creek to Punchbowl Falls.

Hiking to the Waterfall in Oneota Gorge
The Gorge of the Columbia River is an area loaded with huge waterfalls, including my favorite Oneota Falls in a narrow slot canyon. This short hike features a spectacular waterfall at the end of the narrow slot, but plan on getting wet if you want to see the falls.

Hiking in Lewis River Park, north of Vancouver WA
North of Vancouver (north of Portland) is Lewis River County Park. Though it's not very big it's a scenic place for a stroll or picnic.

Columbia River Gorge
East of Portland is the Columbia River Gorge, an area where the wide Columbia River cuts a deep valley through the Cascade Mountains. The south shore of the river is loaded with huge waterfalls, some several hundred feet high. Follow the old river highway for a scenic tour of a half dozen of them.

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