Maui Hawaii Travels 2002

Waterfall near Hana Maui

This year's trip was to Maui, Hawaii,
and as soon as I got there I realized there's way too much to do here in one week. I stayed in Kihei (Key Hay) - a good central location that's close to plenty of stores, restaurants, and great beaches. Each of the following pages shows a day of activities.

The Waterfall near Hana Maui
Day 1 - The Southwest Coast
After getting off the plane, I took a drive south from Kihei (Key Hay), where I was staying, to check out the beaches and the rugged coast farther south.

Day 2 - The Northwest Coast
The road around the northwest peninsula is spectacular drive that starts with a string of sandy beaches, and then turns into rocky sea cliffs along the northern coast.

Day 3 - The Hana Highway, North
The road around the northeast coast to Hana is possibly the most spectacular drive in the world. This rugged coast is drippy wet with thick rain forest and loads of waterfalls. You'll want to stop and take pictures at every bend in the road - and there are hundreds of bends on this windy road.

Day 3 - The Hana Highway, South
The southern road on the way back from Hana is a whole different island from the north road. It starts with thick rainforest then the trees slowly fade into grasslands. The rugged windswept coast is completely devoid of civilization and is so lonely you'll feel like the last person on earth.

Day 4 - Mt. Haleakala
The drive up this 10,000 foot dormant volcano is a zig-zag road that starts in wet forest and pasture and ends on a bare mountain top. The drive is beautiful and the views are spectacular. The huge crater at the top is out of his world and full of exciting hiking.

Day 5 - Sea Aquarium and Molokini
Maui is loaded with reefs and colorful fish. The submerged crater of Molokini is three miles off the coast and is the most popular snorkling cruise in all of Hawaii. For a closeup of the reef life without getting wet, the Sea Aquarium is a great place to spend the afternoon. Their biggest aquarium even has a clear tube that allows you to walk right into the action.

Day 6 - Central Maui
Central Maui is the flatlands stretching from Kahului to Kihei. These pictures are the ones that don't quite fit on one of the other pages.

Even more stuff to do
This island is loaded with things to do - way too much for a one week vacation. This page is a list of most of the fun things that I could think of.

Pronunciation Guide
Kahului - Kah Hoo Loo ee
Kihei - Key Hay
Lahaina - Lah High Nah
Hana - Han Ah
Haleakala - Halley Akka La
Molokini - Mollo Kee Nee