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Year Two in Long Beach, 2011

The view
The view from my new apartment.
Apartment hunting in Long Beach
(July) Three months of apartment hunting yet again finally paid off.

Griffith Park up in L.A.
(September) A visit to the huge park north of L.A.

The Company Picnic
(October) Photos from this year's company picnic.

A drive on the Alaskan Highway
(November) Photos from a trip from Anchorage to Banff.

Stay tuned for more
I'll be adding monthly stories and photos of my goofing around in Long Beach, so keep check in.

Send questions and comments to Mike in L.B.

About Mike in Long Beach:
Long Beach is my latest move in a 30 year string of moves.
      I grew up in Cleveland Ohio then after a few years in the Air Force, I moved to Colorado where I spent another 17 years. Then after Agilent layed me off I moved to Portland Oregon in 2004 to visit friends and ended up staying for six years.
      In 2009 my company decided to close our Vancouver Washington plant and send our remaining production to our sister plants in Tukwila Washington and Long Beach California. I was asked to go to both places but I decided to head south, not because I liked California, but because I wasn't interested in the production line that was going north.
      So here I am. It's been a tough first year, ramping up production and trying to find a decient apartment that I can afford. But there's a lot to see here and that's what this blog is about. It's also a way to keep in touch with all my ex-co-workers up north, some of who took the jump to Tukwila, and some of who took the extended vacation of unemployment.
      This blog is mostly stories about Long Beach with a few pictures. For those of you who want to see a bunch more photos, I'm still maintaining my Pacific Coast Drifter web site that includes tons of photos of Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Hawaii, China, Malaysia & Thailand.