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A Long Drive from Alaska to Montana.
This summer a friend of mine made a trip to Alaska. He flew to Anchorage then drove another friend's car back to Ohio, shoting 1200 picture along the way. I picked the 70 best that you see below. He didn't provide captions, so all I know is which day he took the picture, and a rough idea of where he was that day. The trip ended in Ohio, but the pictures ended in Banff Canada.
Click these thumbnails to popup bigger pictures. Javascript must be enabled. Click on big picture to remove it. Left/Right arrows, and drag Right/Left to go to previous and next pictures.
Day 0, The Anchorage Area.
Day 1, Drive Anchorage to Seward.
Day 2, Drive Northeast of Anchorage.
Day 3, Drive to Valdez.
Day 4, Yukon Canada.
Day 5, Yukon Canada.
Day 6, British Columbia.
Day 7, British Columbia.
Day 8, Banff Canada.