Pikes Peak Colorado 2000

Biking in Emerald Valley A year isn't nearly enough time to explore Colorado, and in reality I spent nearly 20 years there. These pages include pictures I shot while researching my Trailguide CD, which I was selling locally between 1998 and 2004. The CD spans the entire Pikes Peak region, and these are 100 of the 450 photos from the CD, plus a few others that I shot sometime later. Now that the Pikes Peak Trailguide CD-Rom is discontinued, I thought I would post some of the pictures on the web. Colorado is no where near the Pacific Coast but I have loads of good pictures that need to go somewhere.   Photo above: Elk Mountain as viewed from the north end of Mueller State Park.   Photo right: A.J. biking through golden aspens in Emerald Valley on Pikes Peak's south side.
Complete Table of Contents:

Exploring the trails around Pikes Peak
Pikes Peak is loaded with trails and jeep roads where you can spend weeks exploring.

Exploring the Northern Pikes Peak Region
North of Pikes Peak is a huge area of jeep roads and mountains where you can spend months exploring.

Exploring the Western Pikes Peak Region
West of Pikes Peak is the rolling hills of Teller and Park Counties.

Exploring the Southern Pikes Peak Region
South of Pikes Peak is the Arkansas River and Canyon City with a few hidden gems for biking.

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