Portland Area Sights 2008

Elliot and Yen looking for crayfish

This group of pages comes mostly from 2007 and gets me fairly caught up, finally. These sights are a little farther afield than the 2008 pages that I posted six months ago, and they include mostly waterfalls and forest scenes up in the Cascades and Columbia Gorge. I haven't been anywhere exciting since I got back from China two years ago, so probably half of these are repeats, new pictures of old scenes, but hopefully most are a bit more exciting than the originals.
Round Lake and Waterfalls in Snow
A couple of winter trips to Round Lake Park and Multnomah Falls to check out the snow and ice.

Moulton and Lucia Falls
These falls are nothing great but the swimming holes are popular and scenic.

Eagle Creek and the Punchbowl
This interesting trail near Cascade Locks is loaded with cool waterfalls.

Lewis River Falls and Others
These huge falls are always worth yet another trip and these are my best pictures yet.

Evergreen Air Museum
This place is loaded with vintage airplanes including the gigantic Spruce Goose.

The Ape Caves and Silver Creek Falls
This two day trip was loaded with exciting sights.

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