Olympic Peninsula 2006

Two kids playing on the beach
On this quick trip I drove the perimeter of the Olympic Peninsula, the coast of northwest Washington State. During the three days, I took plenty of pictures but didn't do any real hikes or bike rides, and didn't get a chance to visit the interior rainforest.
This trip was supposed to be to Vanouver Canada, but camera and car problems cut it short. This was my first trip with my new Nikon D200, and a chance to try out my new photo editor. Both had some problems but the final results were great.

Two kids exploring the beach

Olympic Peninsula West Coast
Day one was a quick drive up the west coast, stopping by the coastal unit of the Olympic National Park, near Kalaloch.

The Hurricane Ridge Road
Day two of the trip I drove from Port Angeles up the Hurricane Ridge Road into the north side of Olympic National Park. This spectacualar road ends at the visitor center, surrounded by green and blue mountains in every direction.

Olympic Peninsula North Coast
Day two included a drive from Port Angeles west along the Strait of Juan de Fuca. This scenic drive passes numerous small beaches and towns.

Hood Canal Drive
Day three was the drive back from Port Angeles south along Hood Canal. This scenic drive passes numerous small beaches and towns.

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