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Portland Oregon Travels 2004

Hiking at the Hoyt Arboretum
Since moving to the Portland Oregon region I've been exploring as much as I can. This assortment of places from 2004 includes : the Vancouver Lake Wildlife Refuge, the scenic park in Longview, and the Hoyt Arboretum in West Portland. It also had a tour of the Oregon coast, and the beach and shipwreck near Astoria. There's a load to see on a trip down the coast, including beaches, cliffs and forest.
Oregon Coast
In September 2004, I thought I'd ride my bike down the Oregon coast. After six flat tires in the first two days, I put the bike back in the car and drove the rest of the way down. This story includes pictures of the ride and drive including Astoria, Cannon Beach, the aquarium at Newport, and other spots along the way.

Exploring the beach and shipwreck near Astoria
The scenic little town of Astoria sits only about ten miles from the coast. And it has plenty to see and do, including a 100 year old ship wreck stuck in the beach a few miles down the coast.

Hiking in the Hoyt Arboretum in West Portland
In the hills on Portland's west side is the Hoyt Arboretum, a scenic area with trails winding through a huge assortment of trees.

Vancouver Lake Wildlife Refuge
West of Vancouver (north of Portland) is the Vancouver Lake Wildlife Area. The marshy lands surrounding the big lake make a nice place for road ride on the bike. The six-mile access road is a great ride with the river on the left and the marshlands on the right. The light traffic makes this seem a lot more remote than it really is.

Scenic City Park in Longview
30 miles north of Vancouver is the town of Longview. This scenic little city park is a mile and a half long ox-bow lake. It makes a great hike or a real leisurly bike ride.

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