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Biking Around the Beach and Marina
The long beach at Long Beach is a scenic place to explore on a bike. This includes the south end of the beach, the Napoli Marina and two freshwater beaches. I shot these pictures with my Canon pocket camera.

Click these thumbnails to popup the big pictures

The scenic restrooms at Belmont Beach, in the center of Long Beach.

Kiteboarders at Belmont Beach. It was crazy windy that day.

This is a panorama of Mothers Beach in Napoli Bay. I assume it got its name because the sheltered location is a lot safer than the ocean.

Girls on the dock at Mothers Beach.

A dragon boat crew is training in Napoli Bay at the marina. There are almost always kayaks paddling through here.

Bay Shore Avenue along Napoli Marina. The million dollar condo (on page 2) is in dead center, to give you an idea of the prices in this neighborhood. This is where I'd move if I had more money than brains.

Lifeguard training at the park at the backside of the marina.

A sailboat going under the Belmont Pier. I saw this about to happen when I was in my car, so I grabbed my camera and ran just in time to catch this. Minutes later they set it upright and sailed off.

A panorama of the Napoli Marina, viewed from the bridge on Appian Street.
Just south of Long Beach is Seal Beach. This quiet little town is a scenic place to get away from noise and traffic of Long Beach, even though it's only a five miles away. I shot these pictures with my Nikon D200.

The main street in Seal Beach is Electric Street, named after the electric trolly that used to run through. This Electric Car Museum is all that's left.

The scenic retail district in Seal Beach.

Two musicians working for tips in back of their pickup truck.

Seal Beach looking north from the pier, that's Long Beach in the distance.

Two girls goofing around in the surf, right under the pier.

Two kids fishing off the pier. As I waited for him to look into the camera, his dad yelled "smile Jake".

Kite boarder out past the pier at Seal Beach. That's the Long Beach docks in the distance.

This boat was shuttling cargo from the pier to the oil platform.

The long Seal Beach Pier, supposedly the longest in the LA area.

The Elecric Avenue Greenway. I'm at 5th Street, the other end is 18th.

Seal beach looking south from the pier.
I like the unusual lighting of nighttime photography so I spent a couple of evenings shooting around town. These were all shot with my Nikon D200, which works with bad lighting far better than my pocket camera.
About a mile west of my apartment is Signal Hill, with a scenic little park overlooking Long Beach and the LA basin. It's a popular place for sightseers, expecially in the evening.
A couple at the Signal Hill overlook. This one second exposure was darker than this looks.

Late evening at Signal Hill, looking north toward LA.

Evening at Signal Hill, looking west toward Long Beach. That's Catalina Island in the background.
I spent another evening at the Long Beach Marina shooting around.

The pathway along the LA River lined with palm trees. That guy has only one leg.

The Queen Mary at the far side of the LA River.

A tall ship at the marina, it's some kind of tour boat.

The Marina after dark, from near the Lighthouse Restaurant.

The Lighthouse Restaurant after dark, viewed from the Lighthouse Park. The Marina is to my left, the LA River is to the right.

Another view of the Lighthouse Restaurant after dark, with the actual Lighthouse in the background.

Two views of the Lighthouse after dark.

It was farily dark, but I thought these trees looked cool being lit from below.

The circular stairs after dark, going to the Shoreline Rd overpass.

I shot up a series of two guys practicing their bike maneuvers, but they all came out horrible. These were the two best.