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Biking from Seal Beach to Huntington Beach in December
I just got an e-mail from my sister in Ohio. She wanted to know if girls down here are still wearing bikinis in December, so I jumped on my bike and rode the bike path from Seal Beach to Huntington Beach to find out. The answer is yes, but not in the great numbers you'd expect in summer. This ten mile path is one of the world's great bike rides with great scenery the whole way, and fun beach towns at both ends where you can grab a lunch. Both towns have a long pier that is a beehive of activity and surfers at all times of the year. This is the exact same trip that I did in June (page 4), and as you can see it looks pretty much the same except a lot less people.     Click these thumbnails to popup bigger pictures.

Exercising in the middle of no where.

This dog was having a good time with this frisbee.

That's Catalina Island in the distance. This is the clearest I've ever seen it.

The scenic bike path next to the beach in Huntington.

A surfer off the Huntington Pier.

Braving the frigid water.

The end of the Huntington Pier.

The start of the Huntington Pier.

The long view of north Huntington Beach, viewed from the pier.

This is what girls around here wear on December 12.
I hung out on the Huntington Pier for about 20 minutes just to shoot pictures of the crazy bikes going by. This is only a fraction of the stuff you'd see in the summer.

A pair of funky bikes at the Huntington Pier.

Topping off the bike ride with a few push ups.

Towing around the girlfriend.

The easy way to reach the surf.

The easy way to tow a kid.

They make these in 2, 4 & 6 passenger.

Me on the Seal Beach Pier.

A kid in the surf next to the Seal Beach Pier.