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Four days in sunny Long Beach California for a job interview.
In February 2010 I made a trip from Vancouver Washington to Long Beach California to see if I was interested in relocating to the new plant and city. I spent four days in Long Beach visiting the plant and seeing the sights in sunny southern California. The plant was ok, but the city and the weather were great. Here are a few pictures of the visit.
Click these thumbnails to popup bigger pictures.

The new plant in Long Beach.

The restaurant where I just had lunch, viewed from Lighthouse Park.

Lighthouse Park at the marina.

Lighthouse Park viewed from the restaurant.

An anchor and tree at Lighthouse Park.

The breakwall at the marina on the west end of the beach at Long Beach.

The huge circular stairway to cross Shoreline Blvd, marina to the right.

Shoreline Blvd viewed from the overpass.

Rainbow Pond and the Hyatt viewed from the overpass.

A 5-image panorama of the west end of Long Beach, viewed from the marina.

Bluff Park along the west section of the beach.

My lunch table at the art museum next to the beach.

A two image panorama of the Belmont Pier.

The beach east of the Belmont Pier.

A seagull on the Belmont Pier.

A pelican on the Belmont Pier.

A barge and crane working on the Belmont Pier.

The tug pulling the barge.